Just Plain Weird

David brought his "baby" to church the other day and I thought that was just plain weird. First let me say, that was the ugliest "baby" I have ever seen and I don't really think he's the father (the child looks nothing like him). In case you dont know what I am talking about, take a look at the pictures. It just weird to me that schools now make you take a class that teach you how to be parents. As teenage Christians, you are called to be an example to the world, make smart, biblical choices about the types of relationships you have. This question is for all of you, what would you say is the biggest problem among teenagers. Sorry to tell you this David, "You...are not the father".


Wednesday Night

Just wanted to thank all of you who came tonight. We had a good crowd. Relationships is what we covered today. Philipians 1 tells us that true joy can be found in deep relationships with other Christians. I know that it is hard sometimes to let go of friends, but an easy way to determine this is to ask yourself the question, "Do they influence me to pursue God or do they influence to not pursue him". If they dont motivate you to become a better Christian, maybe it is time to make a decision. Sometimes, are friends are what keeps us from truely experiencing true Joy in our life. Tell me what you think.



We were able to finally finish the room and have our first service. Thanks to the band,youth leaders,parents and of course, the youth. We hope that you will make more of an effort to come more often. This Wednesday, Rolando will be teaching and he will start a new series called MyPod. It will be about what the bible says about some of the songs that you and I listen to. Below is a link of the pics of the Saturday Service. If you have any other pics, please email them to me so that I can post them. Please make a comment about what you thought about the service and new youth room.



Almost There

The opening of our new youth center will be this Saturday, March 24, 2006 at 7 pm. Please make every effort to attend. Some of you have been working on the room and many thanks goes out to you. Let me just say that being 1 of 3 youth directors has been rewarding despite it challenges. Begin to look deep within yourself and find that leader that God has created within you. I'll see you this Saturday.


Excited About New Service

This is just a reminder that our 1st service in our new youth building will be March 23 at 7:30 pm. David and the band will lead us in worship. Feel free to invite friends to this night. There will be food and the gym will also be open for those who want to play basketball. Again, if your parents haven't given towards the project, please motivate to do so as soon as possible. I am pretty excited about the whole building project. Please take the time to pray so that this project can reach more youth for christ.


Wednesday Work Day

In case you guys are interested, I will be at the new Youth Room on Wednesday around 10 am finishing up painting. We are almost finished. We will probably have the carpet installed on Saturday. Thanks for all your hard work.


Youth Workday

I just wanted to give a big thanks to all of you who came by and helped out. We had a great time. Great work but I may need to take some time to teach you how to properly paint and show David how to properly wash a paint brush. Take a look at the pics and leave your comments about the work day.


New Youth Room

I am excited about what is going on with our youth group project. By the end of the project, we would have invested close to $5000. We love each and every youth . Our goal is to make this a better place for each teenager to come and experience a relationship with Christ. Let us know what you think. I know that we didn't use the best of colors, but it was kind of financially difficult to change them again for the 3rd time. Dont forget to invite your parents to the work day.


Congratulations to us. This is the first official post of one-eighty, a Christ-centered youth group of Iglesia Maranatha. This is your opportunity to tell me what you would like to see happen in our youth group.