Happy B-DAY

As Chucky Cheese would say, " When I say Happy, You say Birthday". Happy Birthday to Mr. David Garcia and Ms. Shannon Alvarado. Leave any comment you would like them to read. Tell them how much you appreciated them.

Since we cant be at your house on your actual birthday, see these two videos.



Starting today, you have the opportunity to let the whole world get to know you. Once a week, this site will feature the Youth of the Week. Send us a pic of yourself along with some interesting information about you. Give us your name, age, hobbies, future goals and anything else you would like people to know about you. You can email your pic and information to crispyrol@yahoo.com.



Just like donuts are for Homer, some of you love ice cream just as much. We will be having ICE CREAM this Wednesday after bible study. Make sure to invite some friend. Also don't forget about JUNE 29th, that is our 180 Friday.


June 29th

This is a reminder that our next 180 night will be on June 29 at 7 pm. The gym will be open to play basketball. We will have music, study, and food. Invite some friends.


American Idols

Here are some of the worst auditions in the history of the show. If someone asks you what you think about their talent, be honest with them. Don't do it in an ugly manner, be courteous and polite.

Youth Sunday

I just wanted to let everyone know that this sunday will be Youth Sunday. In others words, half way through the service all youth will go into the Youth room to have a little fun, hear the "Word" and eat. Bring some people with you.


The "s" word

The "s" word. Its not what you think; I am talking about sin. Sometimes we think that we can do what we please whenever we want to do it and expect God to bless it. If there is anything to learn in life, it is one simple thing, God truely rewards obedience to His Law. Lets take a moment and consider the sin in our life and and ask God to help us get rid of it.